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Cosy Life Premium Hygiene Cat Litter - Naturally Clumping - Baby Powder Scent - 15L


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  • Quicker and Superior absorption more saving and lasts more longer
  • Fast and strong clumping it will not break if you cat stood up on it
  • Clumps do not attach to the cat litter tray down from the prevention for the bacteria spreading
  • Very strong odor ,the perfume comes even for the closed bags
  • Specific and extraordinary formula for closing off bad urine smell, and also keep the cat toilet fresh everyday

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Cosy Life Premium Hygiene Cat Litter - Naturally Clumping

- Faster and higher absorption, more economic and lasts longer
- Quick and firm clumping, it will not break if your cat steps on it and easy to scoop away.
- Clumps do not stick to the cat litter tray bottom to prevent bacteria spreading.
- Really strong fragrance, the scent comes even from the closed bag
- Special and unique formula for sealing bad urine smell, keeps your cat toilet fresh every day.

How to use:
1. Take a tray large enough for your cat to use comfortably.
2. Clean and sanitize the litter tray. Pour 5-7cm of cat litter and shake gently to level.
3. Check the tray regularly and remove any solids, as necessary. Use scoop to remove and dispose with appropriate household waste.
4. In order to prevent any bacteria or infection, please clean up the waste of cat litter immediately.
5. Shake the tray gently afterwards to bring fresh pellets to the surface.
5. Empty tray when necessary and wash thoroughly with mild pet friendly detergent. Dry thoroughly and refill with fresh pellets.
6. Use disposable or rubber gloves when handling used litter.

Always seal the litter bag and store it in a humidity-free environment.

Not flushable, do not flush on the toilet, it can cause clogged pipelines.
Clean up the scattered sand asap avoid slipping.
Please dispose used cat litter properly, abiding by the local provisions.
Only used for cat toilet, no others.

Keep this bag away from babies and small children to avoid suffocation.
Pregnant women should avoid contact with soiled litter.
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